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Software Services Ninja 560076 is a group of specialist dealing with web designs and application development. We provide business tools and engaging websites.

Our USP:

Fully Responsive Designs

Great web ideas

App development in 24 hours

Heart In Your Business and Business In Your Heart

Services offered:

Mobile Applications – Taking desktops to phone is now more important than ever

Web Designing – Designs that complement core competencies of your business

Web Development – Form and functionality for quality user experience

Tech Consultancy – Solving business needs through applied innovation

Branding – Highlighting your business with enhanced graphic design

TurnKey Projects –  We provide turnkey services and support  you through personalized Projects

We have thirty two completed projects with six thousand plus downloads with 30 plus happy clients!

Software Code

Based on the goals software can be divided into:


Application software

, which is software that uses the computer system to perform special functions or provide entertainment functions beyond the basic operation of the computer itself. There are many different types of application software, because the range of tasks that can be performed with a modern computer is so large.

System software

, which is software that directly operates the computer hardware, to provide basic functionality needed by users and other software, and to provide a platform for running application software.[2] System software includes:
Operating systems, which are essential collections of software that manage resources and provides common services for other software that runs “on top” of them.

Device drivers

, which operate or control a particular type of device that is attached to a computer. Each device needs at least one corresponding device driver; because a computer typically has at minimum at least one input device and at least one output device, a computer typically needs more than one device driver.

Responsive Web Design

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